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“Stunning location 10 steps from the crystal clear Mediterranean sea. We ate delicious, locally grown produce,harvested by the family that own and run this boutique resort which is a wonderful mix of both classy and casual. Sam our yoga teacher, brought it all together to create a fun-filled, restorative and fulfilling yoga holiday. I’m returning next year.” Joanna xx

“Thank you for a fantastic holiday.I felt that the yoga classes were just right in terms of length and content, and it worked well having a mix of different abilities. Also, what a great view from the yoga room!I thought that the hotel was superb with great staff and have not had such good food for a long time.Once again thank you for providing a great yoga experience”Best wishes James xzakynthos15_63

“I’m still carrying the good effects of the holiday with me. You obviously worked so hard before we even got there. Finding the perfect location, equipping the yoga studio, and single room accommodation with not just space, but a view to die for. Not to mention the food…..But the star of the show of  course was the yoga practice. You and Diana balanced each other perfectly, and provided an environment which allowed one to challenge one’s own practice safely. This has left me just wanting to do more yoga….great result!So, many thanks to you both for such a lovely experience”Andrea xxzakynthos15_01

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zakynthos15_51 zakynthos15_52 zakynthos15_53zakynthos15_55 zakynthos15_56”Thank you so much for making the yoga retreat such a wonderful experience for me.  I may have been just a dabbler in yoga before the retreat but it has become an important part of my life now.  Your teaching was very encouraging, thorough and inspiring. It was good to have you both- Sam and Diane, you worked so well together.What a beautiful studio to work in, so quiet and peaceful.  Just the sounds of the sea.I loved the time to relax after the Yoga, time to go and explore, time to soak up the sun on our private beach – with bar close by, time to swim, (ha, ha!) and I loved the adventures on my hired bike! – Yes, I struggled with the steep hills, but the reward was stunning views from the top, and the fun of freewheeling down! Roads zigzagged but the views round each zig and zag kept me going, the unspoilt rural countryside, the sight, smell and sound of goats, the idyllic coastline, the turquoise sulphor sea, the white sandy beaches and I do not forget the kind Greek couple who when I bought honey from them insisted on picking figs for me and plying me with currants!Zante is amazing!And what a wonderful place to stay! And their Greek cuisine is the best! And the weather – sun, sun, sun!When the last day came and I didn’t think it could get any better, it did!  We were taken by boat to Shipwreck Beach. We swam and lay in the warm blue water, and on the way back we stopped at Blue Caves and swam into them from the boat!  I will not forget it! Efharisto para poli!” Felicity xx

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