September Yoga week in Zakynthos 23rd – 30th of September, Covid-19 Update:

Our yoga week is still going ahead, (given that government guidelines do not change until then)
I can not think of a safer place to be and spend a week practising yoga in a retreat environment, based on strengthening the immune system and recovering from months of strain. I know a lot will not agree with this view but if I ask you to be very vigilant and careful whilst travelling, when you arrive all appropriate precautions will be taken on site to ensure a safe environment for us to practice.
A list of changes until further notice will include:

– I will provide everyone with their own set of equipment from start to finish. No sharing of equipment will take place and each time you will be taking your set back to your room.

-Other than couples or close friends sharing (max 2 per room), single rooms will be available.

-Max 10 students per class, allocated in separate time slots to allow for space, if the number for the week exceeds the total of 15 students.

-No buffet style lunch will be provided, instead your lunch will be up for collection in sustainable packaging already prepared and sealed.

-No coach travel, each person will have to take a short taxi ride from the airport to avoid any close proximity issues and handling of baggage.

-You will be expected to behave in a social distancing manner with no social gatherings apart from your own bubble groups.

Any further proposals I will also consider so please send me your ideas and suggestions in good time. Please note that we are all taking part on the yoga holiday facing the same risks and possibilities, we can not Guarantee that you will be 100% protected so we can not accept full responsibility for your health. This is something you need to consider and by taking part to the yoga week we assume that you are abiding by those rules.