Single yoga class-Tuesdays Advanced


Tuesday evenings 6.00-7.30pm-Advanced Iyengar asana & pranayama

This will be an advanced class and it will be aimed at students that can (as minimum) maintain a steady Sarvangasana-shoulder balance for 15 min, and /or practice head balance with or without wall support for 5 min. No beginners please.

Please note that if you are currently injured or dealing with an illness you should email me with your issues and fill in a new students questionnaire also ensure that you come to practice on an empty stomach (2hrs +) and in good health with no flu like symptoms .

We ask that you bring any additional props you may require for your practice . Mats, Bolsters, and blankets can be provided.

For those driving:
There is a car park behind our studio accessible from College Road. At our time slots the parking is free, however check the signs to make sure.
Also parking is available on the streets around us. Please help us respect our neighbours and avoid parking in any marked bays and please park legally.